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Our ever changing world

The recent terror attacks in Paris have prompted many people to contact me regarding their personal safety preparations and plans. My answer to the question "what kind of gun should I get?" is to ask them what kind of training have they had. Training is the key to any self defense plan whether a firearm is part of it or not.

If you want to carry a concealed firearm there is a lot more to it than just going to the store and buying a gun and holster. You NEED to get trained in the safe handling of the gun. How to load and unload, how to care for it, how to store it safely and securely. Once past the basics you need to get training in the area of concealed carry / personal protection. This will teach you how to carry, where to carry on your person, what locations you are not allowed to carry a gun and what to do with the gun when you have to go to these places. All of this is crucial for the responsible and safe gun owner.

Ask yourself these questions and if you can't answer them with confidence you need training:

Can you carry your gun inside the Post Office?

Can you carry your gun while attending a high school football game?

Can you keep your loaded gun in the glove box of your car for protection?

Which is your dominant eye?

What is center mass and how is the concept applied to obscured targets?

These are just a few questions that need to be answered by anyone carrying a gun for personal protection. But don't stop there. Your spouse or significant other should get some training as well. They will be part of your personal protection plan so they need to know what the plan is and how it works. Even if they profess to never want to handle a gun it will be in the house so they should at least get the basic safety training.

These are just a few points to provoke thought and discussion. Remember you are your own best ally when it comes to your personal protection. Have a plan, have the tools and practice often.

Stay safe.


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