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About Us

President and lead instructor Andrew B. Goddard is a 31 year veteran police officer skilled in teaching basic and advanced firearms education. Whether the student is new to firearms or an experienced shooter looking to improve, Andy's patient, thorough, easy-to-understand, custom-paced teaching style makes students comfortable both in the classroom setting and while firing on a live range.

We believe that whether you plan to take up competitive shooting, want to be a recreational shooter, or just want to have a basic understanding and be "gun savvy", we can build the foundation of being safe and comfortable handling guns.

President and lead instructor Andy Goddard of Strong Foundations Firearms Education.

Andy holds the following Instructor certifications:

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor

MA Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor

MPTC Firearms Instructor Trainer

MA Certifed LEOSA Instructor

and more.

Andy is also a certified armorer for Colt, Windham Weaponry, and an Advanced Armorer for Glock firearms


Located in Harwich on Cape Cod.

President's note:

I founded this company with the expressed purpose of teaching citizens how to safely handle firearms, instruct them in the applicable laws and regulations, and most of all to have fun and enjoy the sport. The world of shooting sports and diverse and has something to off for almost everyone's tastes.  

The Basic Firearms Safety Class for MA licensing and the NRA basic classes are the stepping stones to a lifetime of knowledge and enjoyment. In these classes you will learn the basics of firearms handling and marksmanship. These core fundamentals with give you the strong foundation on which to building your skills and confidence but these classes are just the starting point. Further instruction and training is needed to gain the knowledge and skills you will need to improve and become proficient.  

A major myth is that there are super secret advanced shooting techniques that you must pay big money to obtain. The true secret is that all advanced training is just a way to apply the basics in a more efficient way. Bruce Lee once said that advanced skills are just the mastery of the basics and I agree. If you look at the best shooters in the world they are not doing anything exotic. They are just doing the basic core fundamentals of marksmanship, but...they are doing it at a much higher speed with robotic consistency. Practice definitely makes perfect in this case. 

As you will learn consistency is the mother of accuracy. Learning to hold the gun the same way every time, pressing the trigger the same way, controlling movement and your breathing the same way are all key elements to good marksmanship.  

This is why the beginning shooter should start with something small. I recommend a .22 caliber pistol or rifle. Very low recoil and a soft noise level make it the perfect starting point to learn the basics before incorporating higher power calibers. I have been shooting and instructing for years and have many different calibers and types of guns to chose from but I still enjoy shooting my 22's on a regular basis. They are just a joy to shoot.  

I try to make all my classes informative and fun. This is a serious topic and safety is paramount but if it is not fun and you don't develop confidence and a comfort level you will shy away. I try to instill that confidence through knowledge. Please feel free to contact me directly through the contact us page if you have any questions or comments.

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