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Continuing education

In this field we must always strive to keep current and to advance. In this spirit I have embarked on an educational path of my own. Despite the experience and certifications I hold from the law enforcement side of firearms instruction I still have more to do on the civilian side. I currently hold certifications for several different disciplines but I want to do more. So, early this spring I will be adding several new classes to my offerings. These will be directed at the personal protection aspect of firearms. These classes are a step up from the basic classes we currently offer and are not for beginners. They are for anyone who is familiar with their own pistol and desires more knowledge and skill in protecting themselves and surviving the encounter, in more ways than one. Knowing how to shoot is only one small part of the equation. Knowing when to shoot, if you can shoot, and what to do when you have shot are the most important skills you need to have when you decide to carry a firearm for protection. Stay tuned for info later this winter. Stay safe everyone.

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