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Training is essential

In our current political climate many people are feeling that they should obtain their License to Carry as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future if the law changes.  While no one can say for sure if the laws will change one thing is for sure.  The basic firearms safety course is definitely not a shooting class.  It does not prepare the student to carry a firearm as a self defense tool.  Only personal protection classes that involve a strong training element can provide the skills needed to effectively and safely carry a concealed pistol.  

The personal protection classes offered by Strong Foundations Firearms Education and other classes offered by reputable training centers are essential for the new shooter.  A well structured class should include the basics of gun handling and marksmanship.  A discussion of carry methods and holsters is also a must.  An in-depth and qualified discussion of the legal aspects should also be part of the class.  This is where many inferior classes fall short.  Be sure to get instruction in the legal aspects from an expert IN YOUR HOME STATE.  There are very high quality training venues outside of Massachusetts that offer great advanced training and they mostly stick to shooting and gun handling.  If you are new to concealed carry you need to know your rights and responsibilities.  

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